March 27, 2006

Spring Break, Day 3

Took myself in for a regular check up this morning. One of the lesser
annoying side effects of pregnancy is the growth of "skin tags" (what a
bargain: not only does your belly grow, and your chest grow,
and--duh--your baby grow, but your skin wants in on the action, too!)
I got mine removed (most of them) while there, which will make riding
in the car more fun; they were all on my neck, where the seat belts hit
me. Freaked out the family, since I hadn't warned them ahead of time
that I was planning to ask about getting the little buggers off. Laura
was impressed that I didn't cry, even though I clearly must have gotten
shots. Why else would I get band-aids put on at the doctor's? It's
nice to know that Mommy has a few surprises left up her sleeve (or
collar. Groan!)

The doctor confirmed what I know about eczema, and gave me some helpful
advice about exercising with asthma (and how not to be completely
zonked for the rest of the day after a simple workout.)

I promptly put this advice to the test, since the weather was good, by
starting to clear my veggie garden patch. It was covered in maple
leaves last fall, so I just had to pop out a few weeds, and rake off
the aforementioned leaves. I spent the rest of my hour outside sifting
compost, which is slow work, but a wonderful meditation. As soon as I
have enough, I'll dump it in the part of the garden I'm working on,
dig, add lime and fertilizer, and plant seeds. That's the lifecycle of
the poor organic gardener.

While out there, I checked the castle bed, and yippee! Lots of stuff
is up--spinach, lettuces, and salad kale. Nothing warms my gardening
heart more than knowing I get to have homemade salad soon!

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