March 26, 2006

Spring Break, Day 2

Laura got through the night just fine in her bed.

After church, however, her regularly scheduled nap did NOT occur (not
for want of trying...) This cast a bit of a pall on the evening (not
to mention the lost afternoon...), since she acts drunk when she's too
tired; a happy drunk, but still insane! No rules, no boundaries, no
concept of safety or reserve--ay carumba! On the upside, she pretty
much did the classic snore-as-you-hit-the-pillow thing tonight.

So, we'll try for nap again tomorrow.

Church was interesting. We got to, as Laura says, "see Big Margaret
and Little Margaret" (possibly means the Vic, who she *knows* is
Margaret, and our deacon, who IS petite?) There was also a sick skunk
in the courtyard; it was taken away during coffee hour in an amazingly
quick series of moves; we got to see it all through the window. (One
woman, armed chiefly with a blanket and an animal carrier. She had a
net, but didn't need it. As a nominal "cat-whisperer" myself, I was
extremely impressed by the no-fuss results. I'm also pretty sure I
don't ever want "sick skunk-catching" to be part of my job description,

Since Emily has gotten pretty twisty in the sink-sized bathtub, we
rescued the quacking giant rubber duck tub from the depths of Matt's
office closet and inflated it. So far she likes the quacks; we'll give
it a wet run tomorrow.

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