March 25, 2006

Spring Break, Day 1

Now, keep in mind I'm not promising to do this *every* day!

My hands are itchy, but on their way to healing. I don't think I've
mentioned it, but I, like so many allergy/asthma sufferers, also suffer
from intermittent eczema. It is an itchy, painful, skin-cracking
issue. I try hard to make sure I wash my hands after every diaper
change (just like the song says!), and since I've been trying to pick
up the slack for Matt's crazy year at school (so I've been doing lots
of household chores, as befits a "Home Executive" anyhow), AND I've
been all alone with the girls a lot lately, my hands are completely
*thrashed*. I lube up with hand lotion several times a day, and put on
some heavy-duty stuff at night (I think it is pretty much straight
petrolatum and lanolin), and dab on cortisone when I am about to start
chewing on myself...actually, chewing my fingers off around the third
joint would solve a lot of agony. I try to be good during the day, but
I always seem to wake up in the morning, and realize that I'm clawing
at my hands. Ahhhh, sweet relief...until I realize I've just wounded
myself. Again. Anyway, I've figured out that mostly what I need in
order to not have this problem is to keep my hands out of water. So
having Matt around for a week, in addition to hearing his sweet voice,
seeing his sweet face, etc., means having HIS sweet hands wrist-deep in
poop instead of mine. Hallelujah, amen.

There are so many things on our list, that, as usual, I'm sure we won't
get to them all. A few have happened already, however. The garage is
on its way to being cleaned (Matt took back $20 worth of cans and
bottles. They had been accumulating since last summer.) Having the
space to walk around will make outside adventures just a whole lot

On his way home yesterday, Matt stopped at the co-op and picked me up
part of my birthday present. He's been joking for weeks that he was
going to give me a big sack of ____, but it's actually not manure, just
the parts for organic fertilizer (mostly lime, two kinds, and
cottonseed meal). I will not go through it all immediately, but it
pays to buy in bulk. Which we did: fifty pound bags of each.

As soon as Laura wakes up, we plan to take apart the crib. She's
waaaaay outgrown it, and has had a bed for several months, but--as is
typical with our Drama Queen--refuses to sleep on it. Oh, she'll sleep
on OTHER beds, or even the couch, so it's not a fear issue....It's just
not Her Crib (who do you think she gets this anti-change attitude
from???? Could it be BOTH parents?) She's been totally capable of
getting out of the crib for months, so we've just been going on hope
that today is never the day she's going to do it (we did tell her she'd
go Bonk/Clunk if she tried it, which is probably true. She's more
coordinated than she used to be, but sadly my gene pool is showing).
So we've finally decided that, if she's ever going to be safe, and
secondarily, if Emily is ever going to get to sleep in a crib, the
drastic approach is probably best. We've talked it up for a week or
so, and the next few days will probably be tough, but there it is.
It's time.

In other news, she and Emily are totally enjoying each other lately.
Laura's been in rare form the last few days: bringing Emily toys,
telling her "You're o.k." when Mommy steps away and Em cries, and she
even sang "Frere Jacques" to her one night when I had to do something
out of the room for a minute at bedtime. Emily likes to grab Laura's
hair, and sometimes Laura will actually encourage this by dangling it
tantalizingly close (I never said the kid was smart, just kind. ;-) )
Emily, in turn, lights up when she sees Laura, and will sometimes be
o.k. if I have to step away, as long as she's got Big Sister in view.
Not always, mind you, but sometimes is better than never.

I hear Laura singing. Wish us luck!

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