March 11, 2006


In gardening terms, it was a great day. I am now blessed with:

-one 12 inch wide patch of asters
-one eight inch wide patch of asters
-one eight inch wide clump of pink peonies
-one eight inch wide clutch of shasta daisies
-one eight inch clump of perennial sunflowers and
-one small but chunky pink cranesbill (hardy geranium)

The last two were "oh, here, would you like these, too?" additions to
the scheduled goodies. I didn't know there WERE perennial sunflowers
until today!

All of the things (except the geranium, which was a volunteer) were in
bigger clumps than I would have been able to buy at a standard nursery,
and I will probably be able to divide them if I do it soon.

With apologies to Sting, "Free, free, got them free!" Can you tell I
feel all smug and frugal? (not to mention grateful to the donor.)

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ChiliGurl said...

Such a cute post!! I am from Texas and everything is pretty green or dead here!