March 27, 2006

Mommy is the Mafia

Entries like today's are one reason I have Blogger set to not allow
anonymous posts (another is Evil Spammers). But hey, you can always
*email* me your estimate of how many thousands of dollars in therapy
I'm costing my kids down the road. :-)

Laura took her nap today, in the bed. She didn't want to.

Daddy put her back several times, and she did get better about staying
in bed, but not laying down and certainly not going to sleep. Mommy
went down to snuggle with her--modeling, you know? As it happened, I
was pretty tired and genuinely wanted my own nap. But Laura was
keeping me awake. Finally, I resorted to time honored methods:
kidnapping and extortion.

I was lying on her bed; she was sitting on her bed next to me, babbling
happily to her Friends. I took her Dolly--her number one Friend--from
her. I told her Mommy and Dolly were sooooo tired, and that she was
keeping us awake. So Mommy was going to help Dolly to sleep, and if
Laura wanted to hold Dolly, she'd have to lie down with us.
Eventually, she lay down. I fell asleep (with Dolly). She fell
asleep. Mission accomplished! I woke up first, and returned Dolly to
her rightful owner (so don't call the Toy Police!)

I'm hoping this'll take care of it; usually, if you can get Laura to do
something once, she's willing to do it again.

If not, I can always make teeny tiny concrete make cement
shoes for Dolly!

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