March 24, 2006

Emily's week

No worries; it's not like what happened in February!

So far this week Emily has:

~had both of her top front teeth poke through. She says: "Rrrrrrrrr!"

~broken out in hives. I'm pretty sure they were the result of a
three-egg meal I had. They're fading, but she's been looking like a
giant cricket, since some were on her feet and she's been rubbing them
together. She says: "wah", and sometimes, "Wah!"

~Gone to sleep without seeing Daddy to say goodnight five of the last
eight nights. She says: "ah-bah? dadadadada?" (or something close ;-)

Fortunately, it's almost Spring Beak, so she can soak up lots of Daddy
time. And *I* plan to take lots of R & R time!

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