March 25, 2006

Bye-bye, Faithful Haven...

The crib's in pieces, stashed here and there. (We plan to put it back
together in a week or so, to make sure the transition has "took".)

Though a little solemn, when I reminded Laura that she got to keep all
her Friends, she was really fine with us dismantling her former haven.
We made her dollies dance, all of us girls sitting on the bed, while
watching Daddy do the dirty work. (Emily was even encouraged to play
with "Doll", the less favored of the two Laura keeps with her at night;
the other is alternately "Baby" or "Dolly." We are not very creative
in the naming department.)

Actual going-to-bed time was a little rougher than usual, though she's
down there now, talking to herself quietly. Matt had to send her back
to the bed a few times, and there were a few tears, but they faded
pretty fast and there was no screaming (screaming is her thing lately.
I will be glad when THAT stage is over!!!) I went down a little later
to check on her, and she was all snuggled in with her toys and crib
blankets ranged around her. She thought it would be great if Mommy
tucked her in with: "The sheet?" "Yeah!"

So, I hesitate to say that the transition is completely complete, but
it's certainly gone better than we were expecting. On the other hand,
considering how previous efforts have gone, it TOTALLY justifies the
Nuclear Option we employed. I guess if we have a Drama Queen, it's
nice to know that, confronted with adversity, she can just suck it up
and make the best of it. (Adversity being a relative term; that bed is
all new, with cushy mattresses, she's got two pillows of her own--she
loves pillows!, the sheets are flannel--in purple, her favorite color,
she gets to sleep under Mommy's or Daddy's [depending on the laundry
status] old comforters, and she finally gets to sleep surrounded by her
books. Everyone should have it so tough.)

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