February 8, 2006


Unlike Blanche DuBois, I have seldom "depended upon the kindness of
strangers." I do, however, often depend upon the kindness of friends,
and today was definitely That Sort of Day.

Backing up a bit, Sunday in our house was anything but Super. Emily
woke up at four a.m. (two hours early), gurgled, choked, and--still in
bed, of course--threw up. *Welcome home, Daddy!* She also had a fever
of 101.9 by six, so I woke up the doctor on call (another nice one; he
saw Emily when she was new, our doc being away at the time. Nice to
have met the disembodied voice before you lay your child's health in
their hands!) He encouraged water, fever med.s, and a "wait and see if
it gets any worse" approach.

By the end of the day, Matt awarded me the completely un-coveted Golden
Dryer Sheet Award, given to those who've been thrown up on (or next to)
the most times in one day. On the other hand, the drugs brought her
fever down nicely (and it seems to have been gone since sometime

Monday was normal, except both girls were still sick. Everyone was
crabby but fairly calm.

Tuesday was NOT like that. For one thing, Mommy had the cold (again?
part two, this time with actual symptoms?). Daddy staying home was
pretty much out of the question, not least because he was hosting a
tournament that night (a Student Congress, which are often held after
school and into the evenings.) So not only was I sick, but I was faced
with an all day and night shift, plus two unhappy children.
Unfortunately, Laura was starting to get better, so while still crabby
and tired, she had considerably more energy to get into trouble. I had
been thinking (hoping?) that Mah might come by to help distract Laura;
but she called in the morning to say SHE had the cold and probably
shouldn't be social. So we stayed alone with our germs. (I could have
called on Tam-ah-Rah in a pinch, but didn't want to spread the
insidious bug any further...and I was never pinched, just crabby.
Still, having an ace-in-the-hole made me feel better.)

I am happy to say that we all survived, though I think I scared Emily
once when I was telling Laura to stop doing something. I don't blame
Emily; The Death Voice can cause terror (*I* would be scared, if it
wasn't coming out of me). That's the point of it! (I have found that
it can stop burly surly seniors who are louder and taller than I am in
their tracks, too. Handy when not overused.)

Somehow, I also split open the toenail on my left big toe. I didn't
notice it until some point long after the fact, when I realized it hurt
a bit and saw the dried blood on it. I swear, I have no idea how it
happened! You might think that's impossible, but when you run into
things as often as I do, only the *really* painful ones make it to
long-term memory storage. I would have thought I'd remember an impact
hard enough to crack a nail a quarter inch into the quick, but I would
apparently be wrong.

Today, I had a doctor's appointment in the early afternoon (not for the
toe; hopefully it'll heal on it's own), so Matt was scheduled to come
home early from school to jockey the children. I was looking forward
to an easy morning--the cherubim are always most cherubic in the a.m.,
at least lately--followed by the apt. and some extra time to run
errands, catch up around the house, etc.


The power went out for about two hours, from roughly eight to ten.
Laura took the lack of the yoga DVD well; we decided we'd just see it
tomorrow. We even talked about what happens when the power goes out
(she liked saying the phrase: "the POWah's out!") So we camped out in
the living room (our basement, while we have emergency lights down
there, is DARK when there's no power), munched crackers, and Laura even
brought me my water bottle off the kitchen counter while I was under a
sleeping Emily (an accomplishment not just because it actually got to
me, mostly intact, but because she's now tall enough to see and reach
things there...and good enough, usually, not to grab *everything* in
sight. She is not always a stinker, though she does like to point out
that "Lawa's bein' STINKah!!" from time to time. As if we hadn't
noticed.) Anyway, life was good, and I spent a little time enjoying
the calm.

The power returned. I checked for phone messages as I booted up my
computer (it had been in sleep mode when the power failed, so
automatically shut down). The doctor's office had called and cancelled
my appointment. Ohhhhkay. But my computer wasn't booting. The power
lights would light up obligingly when touched, but there was no fan
whirring, no hard drive spinny noises, no welcoming chime. Zip, nada.

So I did what all of us Mac people do in such extremis: I called Ty.
Bless him, he called back soon with one solution (unplug it all, wait
30 minutes, plug all back in, try again.)

Meanwhile, I had to reach Matt the 20th century way, by phone, to tell
him not to come home (unless he wanted to anyway. He didn't.)

Sadly, the first computer solution didn't take. The next option, also
researched by Ty for me, involved pushing a certain "magic button" (his
words, folks!) in the computer's gizzards. If that didn't work, we'd
be looking at fried components and some outlay of cash.

The "magic button" maneuver being delicate and apparently possibly
catastrophic if done wrong, I took Ty up on his offer to come over and
tickle the technology for me. One really nice side effect was that we
got to see all the Davisons, since they were going to be out and about
anyway (and were unafraid of the cold, having their own. Either it's
the same one, or we've now cross-pollinated....). The grown-ups got a
little bit caught up, Jonah and Laura practiced sharing, trading, and
taking turns some more, and we were very impressed with Elisha's big

MOST happily, I soon heard that sweet, sweet music....the welcoming
chime of the happy (or at least booting!) Macintosh. I may owe Ty
cookies, especially for the speedy house call.

So, whew indeed. All seems to be working fine now; the "Stinkah" is
asleep; Emily's out, too, so Mommy might actually get some rest
tonight; and we'll have ITunes and email to help us wake up in the
morning (and Matt will have his daily dose of Sudoku, which he takes on
my computer, tomorrow night as well.)


Ty Davison said...

Glad to help!

Tami said...

I have had days like that! I love reading about your early childhood follies, they make me remember those days so fondly. If I were a little less annoyed with my children than I am at this moment, reading your blog *might* make me want another. Ha!

Hope you have easier days ahead. If you're in a bind sometime and want to add a little craziness to the mix, gimme a call. If you're lucky, I'm free and alone, and if not, I can surely bring over some 4- and 6-year-old comic relief...

Tami said...

Oh, and in my insomnia episode tonight, I thought I'd look up this little gem for you. Possibly not safe for viewing while small children are present, depending on their level of attention to the video.


Ginger Ogle said...

O.K., I did laugh. But then I have to point out that he's joking; he still uses 'em. :-)

And I go both ways for work...I just like Macs best!

Tami said...

Oh, I know...I just thought of it when I read your entry about your 'puter probs LOL! I wanted to look for it right then but I was busy. I thought his little rant was cute, though. And of course, he uses what we both know is my all-time favorite word. ;) I'm ambitextrous as well and really, I wish all the world were as simple as a Mac. ;) Or perhaps as free-spirited and non-commercial as Linux...