February 22, 2006

A week out...

Strange to relate, a week ago I was waiting on the phone to leave a
message for the nurse to see if we could do some blood work on Emily;
her first shot of antibiotics was later that day. We will, of course,
finish the course of oral antibiotics, but she is sooooo much better.
In fact, judging by her demeanor, I have to wonder if she's like me and
gets a little "boost" in her energy while she's on them: she's a
maniac this week! Grabbing everything in reach, pulling hair,
squealing, throwing things, kicking, skipping her morning naps...It's
nice to see her perky again.

We had a restful weekend. Matt did some school work, and we finally
cleaned out our coat closet. It may not sound important, but that
one's been driving us both nuts (as some would point out, it's a short
drive!) We both got caught up on a long list of chores and spent lots
of time enjoying the girls.

1 comment:

Tami said...

How's your girlie doing now? I hope she's all better. We are in the typical seemingly-endless late winter cycle of sniffles and coughs. Bleah.