February 16, 2006

We Wait

Emily had another two fever spikes--to 104--last night and early this
morning. She *was* perkier than she's been, in between times, but the
situation was not as hopeful as we'd...ummm...hoped.

Doc looked at her this morning, and there are still no obvious signs of
any one body part with an infection. Having looked at my fever chart
and description of the spikes, her tentative diagnosis is bacteremia,
which basically means there are bacteria floating around her body. She
got another shot of Rocephin--which is apparently something of a wonder
drug--in the other leg from yesterday.

And here's an example of why I like our doctor so much. She paused at
one point in the appointment and said, "Wait a minute. Didn't Laura
have something just like this when she was just a few months?" I said
yup, that's why I knew we might want the blood work done. So she went
off to check Laura's chart and prescribe the same antibiotic she got,
for Emily. Since that was two years ago (almost exactly), I'm
impressed that she remembered.

On the up side, Emily hasn't had a spike since that one early this
morning. Obviously, we are hoping this is a trend; the doctor was
teetering on the fence about hospitalization. Since she is seldom out
of arm's reach here, and there aren't any drugs they could do there
that she's not already getting, she gets to stay home for now. Any
adverse reactions (she has an oral antibiotic now, too--getting that
into her, or any other med at this point, is something like injecting
an almond with a too-big syringe), deterioration, or fever higher than
she's had, and she gets whisked off to the ER again.

So, we wait.

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