February 28, 2006

Two Year Old Humor

We were all upstairs this evening; Matt was surfing the web, Emily was
asleep on his lap, I was sewing, and Laura was shuttling back and forth
between watching the wheel of my machine go around and getting more O's
from Daddy. A brief idyll in our hecticness!

We were getting ready to come downstairs for bedtime, so it was
suddenly quiet--no computer or sewing machine sounds.

Clink, clink. Clink, clink. What IS that?

We realize it's coming from Laura--she's clinking as she walks around
in her footie pajamas. Matt figured it out first: she had Duplos
down her jammies (two in each leg--one alone wouldn't have made such a
good Clink!) Since we both roared with laughter, she'll probably do it
again. Gotta love cheap entertainment...I am just impressed by her
poker face. Who knows how long those blocks were in there? and she
said nothing until we figured it out.

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