February 14, 2006


Last night, Emily had an "episode", for lack of a better word. She
didn't wake up, but she was cold and shaking; I did check to make sure
that she was "responsive" (i.e., I could tick her off even in her sleep
and get some kind of a reaction.). This went on for a while. I held
her, helped her warm up, and soothed (I guess I did o.k.; she didn't
wake up until Mommy accidentally jostled her later on). As the shakes
subsided, she spiked a fever, and when I did wake her, of course she
burped magnificently and threw up.

The shaking was scary (the throwing up after a gag has become
commonplace, sadly. Even feeding her rice can be an adventure!). Was
this a febrile convulsion? Epilepsy? Just chills, like you or I might
get when we're sick with a fever?

So. We cleaned up, got some Motrin in her, nursed, she went back to
sleep, I went back to sleep, things seemed o.k. this morning.

Ty called to see if it was a good day for a play date. I was actually
up for it, but felt I ought to warn him of the events of the night
before. Ty opted to get together another day. *Good* choice, Ty!

Because....I called the doc to just check in and see what they thought,
if it was something to be scared about, have checked, etc. While
waiting for a call back, she did it again, awake this time, but
otherwise the same (cool to the touch, shakes, culminating in a fever
spike). So the nurse called back and said it was probably just
something to watch, but if it happened again, we should go to the ER
(oh, the irony!)

So off we went. Fortunately, Mah was here to watch Laura until Matt
could get home from school. Also fortunately, I haven't forgotten how
to drive (I haven't done much since I've had Emily; it's just worked
out that way.) We actually got in to the exam room quickly, and
everybody was nice.

When the doctor at last arrived, she checked for obvious signs of a
secondary infection: ears, throat, lungs. Nada. So, having discussed
the events, she proclaimed: "She has rigors." They are not fun, but
they're not harmful in and of themselves, and should go away when the
underlying infection goes (that would be the one that I think--I
*think*--Laura is finally over. Emily's been about five days behind
her, and Laura also ended with a raging fever, sooooo, I'm hoping this
is the beginning of the end of the Crud, and not the beginning of the
beginning of something else.)

And the technical definition of rigors is:

Chills and shaking, usually caused by a fever (just like you or I would
get when we're sick). Whew.

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