February 16, 2006

Resting Comfortably

First, I know there aren't, like, thousands of readers out there
hanging on my every update (though I much appreciate the kind thoughts
of those of you there are!). I have found keeping a running commentary
is really helping me keep track of things; handy for the medical
professionals and for sleep-deprived me. Another unexpected benefit to

Emily is asleep on my shoulder. I think her little body *tried* to
have another spike a little while ago--she got crabby and went up to
101.1--but Mommy and all the drugs are finally working in concert, and
the crisis was averted. It was time for some good news.

In case you're wondering, Laura has been...well, not *perfect*--she's
still 2!--but about as good as could be hoped. She managed to get a
little more Mommy time in today, and I think that helped her a bit.

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