February 7, 2006

A pro-tax rant...

O.K., it's not that I want to send our money away, but I'm just
appalled at the state of the world. I have our 2005 taxes ready to
file, and we have a negative Federal tax liability.

You read that right: not only are we paying nothing--we get all that's
been withheld, back--but the government thinks we're poor enough that
we need a little subsidy. That doesn't offend me in and of itself (and
thanks to you all for chipping in to our lifestyle--we certainly need
the bucks!).

What bugs me is that trying to raise two children on one teacher's
salary basically puts you in the poverty bracket. I am not complaining
about the choices we've made per se; I think we're both doing the right
things for our family, while sympathizing with those who chose--or felt
they couldn't choose--to do otherwise. I just think it's wrong that
people who are well-educated and working hard for the public good (not
to mention the people they're teaching) are valued this little and have
to face those difficult choices in the first place.

The days of Laura Ingalls Wilder are over, folks; you can't teach as a
stopgap, having just (almost) graduated from high school yourself
anymore. You shouldn't have to take a vow of poverty to become a
teacher raising their own kids anymore, either. It's just stupid. We
should be making enough, right now, to be chipping in something. That
we aren't is a literal shame.

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