February 17, 2006

Much better...

Emily is much, much better today.

Her doctor appointment took about 30 seconds; we took care of most of
it when I walked through the hall door to the exam rooms and the Doc,
coming out of one, said, "How's Emily?" Me: "MUCH better!"

Of course, they checked her temp and lungs again, too. Doc and I spent
the rest of our time chatting (and intermittently enjoying Emily
Flirts), since we were one of the last appointments of the day. I
thanked her for listening to me when I wanted to get the blood work
done a day before our scheduled appointment (that was the day we went
to Urgent Care and got the first shot of antibiotics, because of the
high white count they found), and she was kind enough to say she
trusted us, that we seemed to be good at paying attention to our kiddos
(and that she was pretty obsessive as a professional; we sidelined into
a sympathetic comparison of teaching and doctoring, in which one has to
figure out where to draw boundaries that best serve the clientele and
the pro). In an "All's well that ends well" frame of mind, she also
pointed out that it could have been an ear infection instead...or more
likely, infectionS; apparently our children just need to have this
*one* bacterial experience, and then are done. She said she's got
patients who come in about once a month with ear problems, so--having
caught this instead and not really having any say in the matter--I
guess I prefer what we had. Especially since it's not likely to come
around again.)

The doc said not to be surprised if there were a few more fever spikes,
but at least we don't have to keep up the Tylenol/Motrin rotation; we
can just deal with any fever that shows up as it happens. There hasn't
been any fever at all since last night, so I'm not terrifically worried
about it. Maybe I will even let her sleep in jammies tonight, instead
of just a shirt! :-)

I can now mention--as you probably know--how very worried I've been.
This is one of those things that *usually* resolves, especially when
caught early, but of course, it can also lead directly to death if not
caught soon enough or not treated. Eventually, the bacteria can start
attacking major organs, etc.; that's why they were checking for sepsis,
which, now that I've read a few web pages about it, makes me even more
glad we acted quickly. And, of course, babies are more susceptible to
just about everything. But, as the doc said, with TWO shots of the
Rocephin and the oral antibiotic started before the second shot even
wore off (and going into her, come hell or high water--more on that
later as I have time), Emily should be home free. Rocephin is so
powerful--one site said something like one shot is the equivalent in
power to 30 doses of amoxycillin--that sometimes kids just get ONE shot
for an ear infection and need no more drugs. So we basically threw the
book at her.

I am VERY glad that it's now a three-day weekend. Since she's probably
still shedding bacteria, I don't think we'll go to church. We plan to
spend the days getting caught up on our lives, rested in body, and
relaxed in spirit. There has been entirely too much adrenaline flowing
through our veins this week, and we are all a bit snappish and tired
(except Emily. She's *hungry* and tired.)

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Tami said...

Yay for Emily! Strong girl! And very good parents, too. ;) You guys need a break.