February 15, 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Emily

There have been no more full-blown episodes of shaking, for which I am
immensely grateful!

On the other hand, her fever has been way, way up--104 this morning
(103 under the arm, if you're keeping score.) So, I called the doc's
office and humbly suggested that maybe we should take some blood and
make sure she doesn't have anything bacterial (since she was looked at
in the ER, but they didn't run any tests). We have a follow-up
appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning anyway, to check in since
our ER visit yesterday, but I thought, well, if she decides it might
need antibiotics, this way we'd be a day ahead of the game for getting
them. I'm not one to demand the drugs at the drop of a hat...but her
fever has pretty much the same pattern that Laura had at 3 months with

The doctor agreed that that was reasonable, so we went in to get her
blood drawn this morning. She did not enjoy herself. As usual, the
techs were not excited about having to get blood from an infant, but as
it turns out, she's got good veins for it (yay.) Again, Mah proved
useful; Matt had lingered as long as he could, having a "late start" at
school today anyway (it counts as sick time, but he didn't have to make
sub plans. Yet.) But Mah went along with us to hang out with Laura in
the waiting room at the lab. It was very nice to only worry about one
(feverish, cranky, hungry) child at a time.

Home, home again. I'm just getting ready to put Laura down for her
nap, when the doctor's office calls. Emily has a way high white cell
count; they have to culture any bacteria that might be around, so they
can't really tell if that's the problem, but the doc wants me to take
her to their urgent care clinic in Keizer to get examined, to make sure
she's not septic, and to get antibiotics sooner than tomorrow (they
sent me there because they didn't have any openings where they could
squeezer her in today at the regular office). I quote the nurse: "Go
sooner rather than later." These are not words that warm a parent's
heart, but they DO get one moving quickly. I love the smell of
adrenaline in the morning.

(For you medical types, the count was "33.8", which the urgent care
doctor said as thirty-three thousand? I don't really know from white
counts, except I know "high" means there's something you're fighting

So, I call Matt to come home; Mah can watch Laura until he gets here;
off I go to Keizer (not my idea of driving heaven, by the way, but a
sick child is a more powerful motivator to overcome that particular
aversion than 'most anything I've come across.)

The doctor there says she's actually looking good, from a clinical
standpoint. The white cell counts *could* be just from fighting the
cold; apparently babies are prone to spiking their counts when they're
fighting something off. Or, it could be bacterial. Since he and our
regular doctor had spoken ahead of time, he checked her out and then
they gave her a shot of antibiotics that should carry us through the
next 24 hours. Apparently, it is a very painful shot (poor kid! At
least she's on Tylenol and Motrin anyway...), so they have to give
lidocaine first. And then we got to wait for 20 minutes to make sure
that neither of the meds caused any bad reaction (this would be the
time it would show up; she's never had antibiotics, of course).

She is currently so pissed off and tired that I can't really tell if
she's better or worse (and i think she's developed an aversion to the
paper they put on the exam tables; she starts screaming when I lay her
down. She has, perhaps, quickly discovered that it means poking and
prodding. If I remember, I'll take a blanket to deceive her for the
appointment tomorrow.)

It could still just be an incredibly high fever, and the bad end of a
really nasty cold. Or it could be....something else. Hopefully, we'll
know more soon.


By comparison, this next is terrifically trivial, but in that small
part of my brain that is not occupied by family matters at the moment,
I am really jazzed about it. I did manage to plant some seeds last
week, and the cosmos came up *two days later* (typical days to
emergence: 5-10. Obviously, I've found a good spot in the house for
sprouting stuff!!) But even more jazzifying was that today I noticed
my lavender came up; it can be, apparently, kind of hard to grow from
seed, and I didn't do any of the special things that are recommended to
get it to come up. So I'm all impressed with my green thumb. Of
course, that doesn't mean any of the seedlings will actually live to be
a plant, but it's hopeful.

Hope is good at this point.

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