February 3, 2006

A bad cough...

...belonging to Emily. Laura's had a cold since Monday morning; I'm
guessing I've had that one before as I had a miserable and feverish
eight hours or so Tuesday night and have since been fine (Matt had the
sniffles a little last week; hard to tell if that was the same bug).
It's good to know that I've got antibodies to pass on, because Emily's
cough really does sound nasty; she wheezes a bit here and there, then
coughs whatever it is out and is okay again. For a time, anyway.
That, plus a low-grade fever (unusual for her, so far anyway--I don't
think she's *ever* had a real fever, actually...) prompted me to check
in with the doc's office. I've gotten used to being casual with the
toddler's colds, and didn't want to blow off any symptoms that would
warrant concern in an infant. No worries yet! But now I know what to
watch for.

I'm on my own for another 24 hours or so (well, as alone as I can be
with a good support system; Ta-mah-RAH and Grand-ma-MAH have already
put in a little time each). Matt's at Linfield (iPod in pocket!).
Much as we miss Daddy, Laura LOVES the phone conversations. Both the
girls are sick and tired, hence now lovelily asleep.

My seeds are here. One day soon, I will begin to slake my lust by
digging the seed trays out of the garage...I figure if I only use them
long enough to get things sprouted, I can rotate them through several
sets of starts (putting the newly hatched babies into something else
that doesn't need a moisture-proof cover). What will I do with that
many plants? Well, we have visions...let's just say I have a
landscaping book on hold for me at the library.

(A brief and incomplete history of our springs and summers here, by way
of explication:

2001: Move in. Ginger takes classes for her portfolio. Perform
immediate repairs, pull pernicious weeds (ivy!), wait to see what comes

2002: Build raised "castle" bed; edge front beds with cottage [manor?]
stones. Matt takes classes; Ginger takes classes and works on her
portfolio [ugh]. Grow tomatoes. Plant bulbs. Paint house exterior
[mostly--there's still trim to finish.] Paint living room.

2003: Pregnant. Garden anyway. Get put on bed rest [that's not why].
But not much new this year except Laura. Well, there *was* the nursery
transformation, outfitting, etc. Matt takes WOU classes.

2004: Pine tree topped by storm; we have to take it out. Bigger garden
space! But we also painted the hall, dining room, kitchen, and bath.
What were we thinking??? And we did it all--well, most of it--in one
month! Matt takes WOU classes.

2005: Matt takes WOU classes, Emily arrives before the final. I don't
even try to garden: I AM the slug this summer.)

2006: NO CLASSES, NO NEW CHILDREN. It's not like we have nothing to
do, but it sure smells like freedom to us. So that's why I plan to
plant a lot of plants soon.

Of course, we won't stay home all the time; the other day we were
listing projects for summer as we sat at dinner and Laura said: "Go to
da BEACH!" We've told her that the beach is closed when it's
cold--brrrrr--but that it's open when it's warm. Obviously, this she
listened to!

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