January 9, 2006

There will come soft rains...

...but not tonight, according to the forecast. Tonight's are supposed
to be hard and windy. In light of that, I'm happy to report that so
far, since the day we did all we could, we've had very little water in
the basement (we do still get a little when there's a veritable deluge;
I can live with that until summer, when we go around making repairs.)
Also, the street does okay--again, except for brief issues when we have
a "micro-burst" (that's what the Public Works guy called it.)--and even
then, it has been *much* better. Of course, it's supposed to rain for
a while this week, so who knows what may happen....

I'd also like to note one bright spot as a gardener: at least the water
table's getting all filled up! This is on my mind lately, since I've
been in the throes of plant lust, spending my Christmas goody in the
Territorial Seed catalog. I didn't get to garden last summer at all,
and I'm hoping Laura and I can have some fun with it this year (not to
mention eat the results; I miss picking salad very very very much!

I haven't been a devoted blogger in the last few days for two reasons:
One, my calendar program (Palm Desktop; I'm not a fan of iCal, at least
in OS 10.3.9) went belly-up, due to an unforeseen (by us) conflict with
some iPod software. All data is gone, alas, and I've been a bit at sea
since then. I made myself some lovely hybrid (computer and paper)
calendars today, and feel much better. Apparently I'm a bit like
Hercule Poirot's Miss Lemon, who spends her spare moments devising The
Authoritative filing system; there's no help for it, I'm just built
that way. I *must* have to do lists!

The other reason was just being on my own for a while; Matt left for
Pacific's tournament Thursday night, so I had three bedtimes (and the
intervening days) to fly solo. Things went fine, but I wasn't feeling
bloggish. As an aside (one of so, so many!), Laura has finally decided
to talk on the phone...previously it was a bit like the obscene phone
caller of yore: just breathing. She has now entered that
heart-rending stage when she can say, "Laura miss DADDY!" into the
receiver. You can bet she was a little peeved when he had to leave for
work this morning. It's nice to be missed.

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