January 31, 2006

Six months

It's hard to believe, but Emily went in for her six month checkup
today. We got her tires rotated, checked fluids, looked at her tranny
and made sure her brakes work. It's all in good working order.

She weighs twenty pounds. Ooof! This reminds me of one of those books
I haven't reviewed yet: _Nickel and Dimed_. The author points out the
irony that women are often steered away from jobs requiring lifting,
even when they are very capable and eager to do the work, and in fact
often lift lots as Mommies. I am quite literally feeling this irony as
I lug around 20 and 30 pound weights ALL DAY. These weighs are
squirmy, occasionally crying, and do not hold their centers of gravity
like, say, a docile and well-behaved box would. (Perhaps this is why
women are less prone to hernias than men, too; somebody's got to schlep
the babies around!) On the other hand, it's got to be great for
building trunk strength back up after pregnancy. A wise Nature strikes

Anyway, this puts her in the 95% for weight. She's in the 90% for
height, so she'll continue to shop at the Big and Tall Store for Babies
(if we didn't have lots of hand me downs in many sizes, I would
desperately wish such a place existed! As it is, I only wish they made
more comfy jammy-style outfits at the 18 month size. If she were
actually that old, I wouldn't mind so many overalls, but for now it's
nice to have front snaps and feeties).

Laura did a great job, too. We talked ahead of time about how she
could just wave to the doc, and that nobody was going to do anything to
or with her, especially Not Shots. She suggested that she "could
probly cry?" and I said I didn't think she would need to do that. In
the event, Doc actually got a bonus smile! Hopefully this will help
the next time she has an appointment.

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