January 4, 2006

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

I've never been much of a New Year's resolution maker. I have lots of
good reasons; for one, I'm lazy at heart. Sure, I *do* plenty, but the
thought of adding commitments just for myself has never sounded that
good. Two, I don't like that hazy idea of doing something for a year.
What happens at the end? Does one just hope to continue, if needed, or
does one just figure if you get that far, then it's okay to drop the
ball? Third, it's an awful time of year; I think resolutions should be
made (if at all) in the Spring, when all seems alive and full of
possibility. All I want to do this time of year is curl up in front of
a HOT fire, drinking something cheerful. and eating something creamy,
or chocolate (or both).

So the fact that the Ogle girls actually left the house on their own
yesterday really had to do with Emily, not me. She's sitting up pretty
well; still wobbly, but enough that she works well in the double
stroller at last. And I'm finally feeling recovered enough from having
her that I want to get moving. So away we went! In effect, this gave
Mommy four workouts:

-Getting everyone ready (three trips up and down the stairs, all
carrying a 20-or-so-pound weight; one squirmy baby, dressed; one
*really* squirmy toddler, dressed, with shoes).

-Getting the stroller to the outside. It's been in our guest room all
winter, and since it's huge, it doesn't go around corners well
(collapsing makes it only slightly smaller end-to-end, and takes away
the use of the wheels).

-The actual walk.

-Getting everyone back inside, then pulling the stroller back up the
steps and herding it into the guest room.

While it's nice to exercise, that was a bit much. The stroller has a
new home in the garage, which will also make a safer "staging" area
than the front lawn. I had to make something easier, or I knew I would
never try it all again. As it is, I'm looking forward to rambles in the
neighborhood whenever I get the chance. I know Laura liked it, too:
"Tree! Clouds! Kitty! Squirrel!", etc.

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