January 17, 2006

Love Notes

Emily likes to BOUNCE. She needs no help, but bounces just fine under
her own power. She also likes to throw herself backwards when she's
sitting up, confident that someone or something will catch her. (Glad
she has so much faith in the world.) She blows lots of raspberries;
often she gets spit as far as her forehead doing that...we all need
goals in life!

Laura has begun doing the "running hug"....and then she says, "Do
again!" Of late, she's also started really helping out; she likes to
put (nonbreakable!) clean dishes away, and the other day I was throwing
clothes in the dryer and she said, "Laura help!" Mentally scratching
my head, I thought, sure, I have no problem with that!

Emily's smile is a bit like the sunrise: you have to wait for it, but
once it arrives, it's beauteous and it lasts for a while. There are
two pointy, sharp teeth in it. I also have to admit that most nights
in the last few weeks, she sleeps right through. That's about a year
earlier than Laura did. I am duly grateful.

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