January 27, 2006

Life goes on...

We are sad, but going forward. Laura knows all the cat's names (though
she still has a tough time telling the black ones apart at first
glance), so she keeps saying "and Merlin" when we speak of or to Dudley
and Fiona. We tell her he was *very* sick--sicker than Mommy or Daddy
or she has ever been, so that she won't worry about that,
hopefully--and had to go away. We remind her how she said bye-bye to
him--I'm glad we did that, and glad we got the opportunity; though I
don't think he was noticing much by then, it's been helpful with Laura.
I know she'll be fine, but it is heart-wrenching for us every time we
have to remind her. I know she doesn't have any concept of "forever".

Since Matt and I are both creatures of routine, and Merlin Cat needed
to be incorporated into our routines (he was special in the "special
ed." sense in a few ways, too ;-) ), we are at loose ends. Imagine the
disorder we all get at time changes, and add losing an old friend, and
you'll have a good idea. Writing does help.

Dudley and Fiona have not reached a rapprochement yet. They do
play/fight together, but I've explained to each of them that if they
want someone to wash their ears and the backs of their necks, etc.,
they're going to have to become closer. *I* am certainly not going to
lick them!

Laura and Emily actually got to play together today: I propped Emily
up with some pillows around her on the floor so she could sit for a
bit. Laura came and snuggled in next to her, and even brought her some
extra things to look at, and they laughed at each other in a mirror.
It was a good time (and I got today's ration of laundry folded; it's
been a bigger bite than usual lately, what with a recent sick animal in
the bedroom, plus another influx of hand-me-downs from Kelia that we
got on Sunday to be washed and sorted and stored.) I also noticed that
this is the beginning of more freedom for me; Emily's much more likely
to be happy out of my arms for a bit, and Laura *loves* having a
playmate around. Yippee! I'm starting to check off things that have
been backlogged!

Of course, I'm hoping to spend a lot of time outside as the weather
moderates. My next job is figuring out a good place to put my seed
flats: warm, light, and out of The Toddler-Destructor's path (I do
plan to show her all about the process, but I also don't want to lose
10 tomato seedlings as she grasps them enthusiastically.)

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