January 26, 2006

A hole in our home

We said goodbye to Merlin Cat yesterday.

His infection (which may have been cancer) became moot when he had a
stroke. It was obviously his time. I take some comfort in two things:
the end was fairly quick, and I had the chance to hold him while he
was still lucid and tell him that he was loved, that he was a good boy,
and that it was o.k. for him to go.

He will be sorely missed, not just by us but also by the other two
kitties; they both liked snuggling and bathing with him, but don't
especially cotton to each other.

It was a good life, as far as I can tell. As a tiny white kitten, he
played with my highlighters while I studied in college. He was
generally an indoor cat, but dispatched roaming bugs and the occasional
mouse with lightning fast reflexes. He met Matt, and made it his job
to teach a dog person how to love a cat (Matt made it his job to find
the right way to rub Merlin's belly, and Merlin loved belly rubs from
that day forward.) He accepted the caresses of our toddler with good
grace, never a scratch or a growl (even when she deserved it!), and was
friendly to almost everyone he met (the exceptions worked in the
veterinary field). He slept next to my head at night, nuzzling into my
hair and singing me to sleep with his big purring voice. In his
dessert days, he slowed down but was still nose diving onto his side to
ask for tummy tickles, even through this last illness.

Having known many cats, I can say that he truly was a special one. He
was not overly endowed with brains--or good genes, half-Siamese that he
was--but he made up for everything with his vast capacity to give and
receive love.

There is a hole in our hearts and our home.

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Tami said...

Awww...I'm so sorry! We lost Lapis to a stroke when I was pg with Noah. So sad. :( Stuart just passed away from old age this past Thanksgiving...he lived at a farm down the road from where we are now and we visited with him often. I am sad whenever we drive by there and Wrenna can't yell, "HI STUART!" anymore.

I hope you guys adjust to Merlin's absence. It is so hard to lose familiar furry children.