January 21, 2006

Good Neighbor Award

Merlin Cat has a "raging infection" (I quote the vet tech), so he had
to go to the vet yesterday; they were kind enough to see him quickly.
But I was not relishing packing everybody up, then trying to figure out
what to do with them all at the vet's.

Tamara to the rescue! She was actually willing to drop him off for me
(no small feat, since our vet is a ways away--they were the closest one
to us when we started with them...and then they moved about two months
later. Such is life.)

I felt bad asking, and then I felt worse when she reminded me of
something: it was her birthday! Now *that's* a nice neighbor. I will
return the favor by not saying which birthday. ;-)

For those interested in Merlin's health, we're actually glad it seems
to be an infection: at almost 16 years old, I was steeling myself for
major organ failure or something (still possible; I know he won't live
forever, and hopefully I'll outlast him, if only for my children's
sakes!) This, however busy it will keep us with the numerous
treatments he needs, is fixable. Ironically, one of the things he
needs is rehydration with, basically, an IV set-up. It's ironic
because that's how my former neighbor, Laurie, and I met and became
friends: giving her adopted old cat fluids. At least I'm experienced.

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