January 2, 2006

Best wishes for 2006

...here's hoping it's better in many ways (though Emily was certainly a
bright spot, and Laura often provides a glow herself).

We spent a few more social days after Christmas. We made it out to
Monitor to visit some of our favorite people, the Hansons (and one
Lewis, nee Hanson). We were wildly impressed by their wine...building.
Rumor has it that it began as a cellar--and indeed, it has a lovely
one--but it has grown two stories above that, and even produced a
balcony. We should all be this ambitious in retirement.

We also got to meet our new neighbors for a pizza night with the
Pickerels. I think they're going to be a great addition to the 'hood;
among other things, they have great senses of humor. Really, that's
half of what we need in life anyway.

Christmas went away today--at least the decorations. I hate packing up
early, which means anytime before January 6th, but it was either do it
now or still be looking at them for Valentine's Day (there's a preview
of our next month for ya!)

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