December 11, 2005

Weekend roundup

As I sit here snacking on leftover shrimp, cream cheese, and crackers
from the CIMmers do, it occurred to me that I hadn't updated the blog
on our weekend.

Before I do that, I want to apologize to everybody I owe emails to.
Very fortunately, the *vast* majority of you read the blog. So that
helps. I do find that most of my time to write ends up going here, and
I have noticed that what was a trickle of mail I managed to keep up has
now dried up almost completely. We all know what the road to Hell is
paved with, so I'm making no promises to change; but do know that it
makes me sad. On the other hand, I think I end up keeping in touch a
lot better this way. On the other, other hand, life is generally all
happy and frisky here on the blog, and that is not always *really* the
case at home (and there are some things I can't write about, due to
confidentiality ethics. Often those are also not happy or frisky.).
On the other, other, other hand, isn't it more fun to read about
positive things most of the time? :-)

Friday, two of my very favorite people came to visit: my Aunt Barb and
Uncle Charles (they are not married to each other, but brother and
sister, each with their own spouse). Charles was in town from his home
in upstate New York, and they had a few hours, so they got to come hang
out with the girls and me for the afternoon (bringing lunch, too.
Yum.) We had fun marveling over our gene pool, discussing children,
and trying to track down an auncient album of A.A. Milne poetry set to
music (it is out of print, to say the least, and unavailable except
perhaps on a lucky eBay day.) Emily was in great form, and when Laura
eventually awoke to join us, she did unusually well, too. (We lured
her with a book: I gave Charles the one she'd been asking for a lot
lately; she started in the furthest corner of the couch away from him,
but as he read, got closer and closer and closer so she could point
things out to him on the pages. I always knew books would be her
downfall!) All in all, it was a great afternoon. I want more!

Saturday we finished the Christmas shopping, decorated a little, and
betook ourselves off to the Davisons for the CIMmers thing. The
CIMmers (I'm not even sure that's the unofficial name anymore) are a
small group of Sprague-eys (or former Sprague-eys, in my case), who are
all sort of the same age and generation in terms of when they started
teaching (and having to deal with the CIM). To further cement our
bond, four of us all had children (Liam, Jonah, Marc, and Laura, in
that order) the same calendar year, which constituted a minor Baby
Boom. So, we try to meet and get the kids together when we can,
especially at the holidays (we--the Ogles--missed last year, which
meant I hadn't seen some folks for two years. Too long!) Those baby
booms are all toddlers now, and it was a lot of fun watching them play
together. Of course, Laura spent a lot of time by herself instead of
following the boys around; that's my little introvert. I must say it
is nice to be around a group that has pretty much all read the Harry
Potter books, mostly likes the Lord of the Rings (books and movies),
and doesn't think I'm a freak for being able to quote the first three
Star Wars movies verbatim (rather, they encourage and compete with me
at it!) Though we met at Sprague, I think it is more these things that
keep me in the gang now. Thanks to Ty and Erin for hosting us all!

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