December 23, 2005

We dig, dig, dig the whole day through

O.K., it didn't take all day. Yesterday Matt and I each took some
action to try to keep the basement dry (the spider closet and nursery
have remained dry since we fixed the front downspout so it doesn't
connect to the street).

I went out and looked at the main back downspout Wednesday night, and
realized it needed more help; the plastic doesn't leak (except where
the two pieces of it connect), but it was on ground that sloped up a
bit. So, with my trusty shovel I dug a small trench for the tubing and
nestled it lovingly into it (actually, I shoved it with my foot; it was
raining at the time.) One nice thing about doing this sort of thing in
the elements is that we can always check our work: I saw the flow of
water increase quite a bit once the spout was level. Seeing how much
there was, I decided to extend the trench a bit to give all that water
a place to drain...I'll just plant something in front of the two-foot
long dip in the spring; it's in my herb garden anyway. Maybe mint.
Since I was moving all that dirt (mud) anyway, I sort of dammed up the
trench on the house side of the join in the pieces of plastic; that way
all the leakage will go towards my woman-made lake rather than the

Step two was Matt's job: moss removal. While I was out mucking around,
I noticed what looked like moss growing on the lip of our roofed
gutters, just above the problem area. It wasn't all that much, but
when it pours, *any* barrier there will make the water spill over where
it shouldn't. He cleaned out as much as he could without standing on a
ladder, and we'll do more when the ground dries out.

Here's hoping these two things will fix it, 'cause dammed (heh) if I
can think of anything else we can do.

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