December 13, 2005


Actually, it was ice. In any event, it was totally unexpected; Matt
was already getting dressed before we saw the little blinking light
indicating a voice mail had been left. At that point, it was just a
delay, later changed to no school.


As we told Laura, "We get Daddy home all day, and it's not even the
weekend." (and in case you think it's terrible that a teacher--or even
two teachers--would rejoice in a snow day, let me tell you that it was
a teacher of *mine* who taught her whole class the lyrics to "Let It
Snow", and told us that if we all sang it outside in our yards that
night, maybe it would snow the next day....)

We definitely seized the day. We cleaned; I made bread; we invited Ty
and Jonah and Elisha over; the toddlers played; the babies slept; the
men talked computers. Laura and I each got a good nap. We--all four
of us, which is kind of a dog-and-pony show--went to two stores after

We are now needing another day off, just to recover!

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