December 22, 2005

More water...

We got a little more water in behind the washer in the basement this
afternoon; it did really pour for a bit. I went out and cleared both
downspouts (leaves had collected a little at both of them), and tried
to fix the slope a bit on the southeast corner one....water won't run
uphill, usually. On the up side (har), that particular area of the
basement is still not a big deal for water--it's just bare cement (and
having the furnace and the dryer both down there effectively
counteracts mold forming--especially the furnace, since it really dries
the air). Also, the drain works now! Yay!

We're going to get our Christmas cards out just under the wire this
year. I had an "interesting" experience trying to get our family
wallet photos with Snapfish, which slowed us down (to be fair, I got a
full refund and some credits; they get full points for trying, though
not, alas, for speed!) And my insistence that all lettered members of
the household sign for themselves makes it take longer, too. But hey,
we think you're worth a little extra care! Anyway, if we love you (and
have your snail mail), they're on the way soon.

There is no Christmas letter; I just couldn't do it this year. I know
there are acceptable ways to write about losing a loved one, but if
just writing this makes me tear up (and it does), imagine what looking
at such words over and over as I stuffed envelopes would do.
Obviously, I'm not done "processing" through the grief yet, however
quiet I might usually be on the subject. Maybe next year we'll do one
again. Meanwhile, at least there's this blog to entertain you.

Laura still doesn't go for the Play-Doh. Today, one of the open
canisters got upended, and she refused to pick up the Doh itself that
had fallen out. She did try, but then backed away suspiciously and
absolutely refused to pick it up. I'm guessing she's a little creeped
out by the texture....Not being all that thrilled about rescuing it
from the floor myself, a Temporary Play-Doh Moratorium has been
enacted: she can play with the canisters all she wants, but Mommy's
not taking the lids off for a while. Laura seems disappointed but not
heartbroken with this development.

The best news: Matt's finally on Winter Break! We're excited to get
caught up with all those we haven't seen in a while, and maybe even
sneak in one or two quiet nights at home. He's free for a literal
twelve days, so in our house, Christmas can now officially begin.
Bring on the pear tree!

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