December 3, 2005

The Grandma Parade

Yesterday, I was planning to report a banner day once Laura was down:
Emily wore the same outfit all day! But alas, in the time between her
bath at 6:15 (it had to be *after* the bath, of course) and Laura going
down around 7:30, she defiled three.

So I thought I'd write about something funny I'd noticed. My children,
through no fault of their own, have a lot of grandmas (mostly because
of my side of the family; Matt's only responsible for one!) This is no
problem; Laura's smart enough to know grandmas are the cat's meow, and
when the girls get older, I'm not too worried about explaining them
all, since they'll be surrounded by people whose grands are half
step-grands (gotta love those crazy Baby Boomers!). If anyone notices
the bounty, they'll probably just be jealous.

It's the language that makes it funny.

In the beginning was "Mah!" Mostly, this applied to my mother, but
very quickly Laura realized there was another Mah, in the form of
Grandma Pat. They were both Mah! for a while.

Then she noticed Grandma Julie. This was the tipping point; she
realized there were too many people with the same name, so my mother
got Mah back, and everyone else was Grandma ______.

And then she added *my* grandma to the mix, Grandma Jan. And then *we*
(the "grown ups") were talking about my mother one day, mentioned her
as Grandma, and needed to specify. Laura wouldn't know her name, so we
said "Grandma Mah," and she knew just who we meant.

What's so funny about this is that, naturally, it sounds like
"Grandmama"--visions of pinafores, pressed linens, _The Princess
Diaries_, etc.--and that is SOOOOO not my mother. She is the last
person on the face of the Earth (except perhaps a male...) to fit that
appellation. Oh,'s sticking for now.

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