December 28, 2005

Free Stuff

Even before Christmas, we had a pile of stuff that kept growing 'til I
had time to "Freecycle" it. Now, more than ever, it's time to clean
out the old hobbit hole. Let me know if you want any of this stuff
within the next week, and I'll set it aside for you until we connect.

Epson Stylus Color 600 inkjet printer. I took this apart to clean it,
and, well, I never put it back together (I *did* clean it, though).
It's kind of a bear to do, although the directions (complete
schematics) are online (I can tell you where to find them). Other than
having to put it together, this is a great deal: it comes with two sets
of cartridges, AND a refill kit for both kinds (color and black). Its
print quality I would class as "acceptable" (though that might be
because it needed cleaning). A caveat for Mac people: it won't work
with OSX because it only has an Apple Talk connector, not USB.

HP DeskWriter 600. It needs something, possibly just a new cartridge.
Sometimes it will do up to six or so pages in a row, then stop one
third of the way down the page with a "cartridge cannot move" error
(even though the cartridge CAN move). When it prints, it's really high
quality for an inkjet. Again, won't work with OSX.

Keyspan USB Twin Serial Adapter: If you're a Mac person, and you want
one of the printers, take this handy (though expensive!) contraption
off my hands: though you'll still have to use OS9, it lets you connect
AppleTalk devices to your USB ports.

UMax FireWire Scanner. I have the OS9 software for it. The b------s
at UMax aren't supporting OSX, but you can buy software to make it work
with OSX for around $50. It's always worked just fine. Since I have
an OSX ready printer/scanner now, I just don't need it.

Broken glider rocker. The glider mechanism works o.k., but one of the
pins?rods?bolts? that hold the glider part to the chair part broke off.
Cushions are faded green/brown/cream plaid.

Stereo system: two speakers, radio and tape decks work. CD was *very*
temperamental but worked last time (8 years ago?) I tried it. Never
tried the turntable; it does spin, but I'm sure it needs a new needle.
Speakers some times cut in and out; probably needs a good cleaning on
the inside around the volume control area.

Tubing and all the gear for hospital-style double breast pump (but not
the electric pump itself, though there is a manual one included here).
You're not supposed to reuse these for more than one person,
supposedly, but what a waste; they got used, I think, twice in the
hospital, never since. I've boiled them, too.

Some firewood; perhaps a normal fireplace's (top to bottom, side to
side) worth? It's not tons, but it's pine and a little maple. Been
out in the elements for one and 3/4 years.

If I think of anything else, I'll post it here.

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Tami said...

ahahahaaaa i know where you got that stereo ;)