December 7, 2005

Finally, a Day Without "Rain"

Yay! Emily wore the same outfit all day yesterday! (This may not
sound exciting to you, in which case, you are not someone who does our

She *is* still teething, though, and that doesn't help. Monday, she
got two baths. The first one was occasioned by time and grime; the
second....well, let's just say the attempt to medicate her for her
teeth didn't turn out well (the medication was successfully
administered, eventually. And the second bath apparently "took".).

Some days, we all teethe together; Laura's still growing her baby teeth
(and chewing determinedly on things), and believe it or not, I'm almost
35 and I still have all my wisdom teeth (seems like that's a rarity
anymore). One of them's been "cutting in" for the last month of so.
If nothing else, it helps remind me how annoying it is to teethe (and
no, I have no big plans to have them out. According to dentists,
there's plenty of space for them: I have a big mouth. I can hear you
laughing. Shut up. Really. Or else. I feel like biting anyway....)

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