December 28, 2005

Christmas, Days 3 and 4

Well, I never would have guessed it, but there was singing at the Moore
family Christmas. We even went and caroled for a few neighbors. It
was nice to have something to focus on besides food and gifts, and
thanks to my Aunt Barb, we have the grown-up gifts covered for 2006 (a
family calendar, with each family contributing one+ months worth of
illustrations, events, etc.)

The only jarring note was that Emily has not been her usual sunny self
the last few days. She does have a good reason, though: her second
tooth showed up sometime Christmas night. Given the need, Matt has
found a better way to get Tylenol into her than I was using.

We saw Julie last night for dinner. Though quieter, of course, than in
years past, it was nice to get caught up a little bit.

And that concludes our official family Christmas-ing, though of course
there's more visiting to be done. I'm also hoping to finally get to
watch the DVD versions of Star Wars (the original ones: 4-6). Matt
decreed that he wanted to see them, too, so as a matter of honor and
fidelity (high), I haven't seen them since we haven't managed a time to
do it together. They were a birthday present. My birthday's in March.
I think it might be time....before my birthday rolls around again.

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