December 25, 2005

Christmas, Day 2

It's true: sometimes, the best gifts aren't under the tree. Without
going into too many details, last night's festivities were made MUCH
happier because someone in his family gave Matt the gift of......peace.
As a result, both of had fun. At least, as much as we could with an
insane toddler, anyway.

We tried, we really, really tried, but Laura would not go to sleep
yesterday for a nap at her usual time. She finally fell asleep about a
half an hour before we had to leave; usually, waking her up at that
point leads to a really lousy evening, but fortunately church and
relatives distracted her from grumpiness. (She did get to help with the
manger scene at church, and aside from playing for a while with one of
the stuffed sheep, did a great job [she eyed the baby Jesus dolly in
the manger for a looong time...I was sure he was going to get burped,
or even fed, but she let him sleep.])

The lack of sleep eventually took its toll, however, and she was
basically bananas by the time we were halfway through the tree. Nobody
died--or even got hurt, as far as I know--so all's well that ends well.
She slept in for a while this morning, and she's asleep again now.
Rest will help!

Emily was her usual flirty self, happy to be passed around to new and
old faces alike, as long as they were looking at her. I have noticed
that she absolutely hates going to sleep when there are people to see
(I think she missed two naps in a row yesterday afternoon and evening.
Did she care? Nah. She just conked out about the time the buckles on
her car seat clicked together.) That would be our extroverted child.
I guess it's nice to have a set; just like having both salt and pepper.

This morning we elected to forego church (especially as there was no
child care today), in favor of putting together toys. I've also been
taking the pre-emptive step, recommended by others who share my rants
about loud toys, of putting clear tape over speakers while Laura's
somewhere else. I don't think she'll care, but I know I will! Now I'm
off to try the printer Santa brought me (thank you, Santa! It's just
the model I asked for!), and maybe do a few things to prepare for

Merry Christmas, all. We feel very blessed this year, and hope you do,

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