December 24, 2005

Christmas, Day 1

In just a few hours, we'll officially start Christmas. First up is
church, for the family Christmas Eve service. I can't predict what the
Vic may do, but last year she had a short sermon involving all the
children and some plastic animal toys. I've been promising Laura that
we'll be singing some Christmas songs, too.

After that, we're off to Matt's mom's house for his family's
celebration (and dinner).

Day 2 will involve our tree here, maybe church again (we'll see!), and
'Mah!' coming over for a casual dinner.

Day 3 is A Very Moore Christmas, here. I'm hoping music will become a
new tradition for us...we have a lot of talent in my family, and seldom
get to share it with each other. If we can convince anybody to sing,
I've got the carols all copied.

Day 4 is our day to be with Julie.

And on the fifth day...we rest (or see some of our wandering friends
:-) ).

Last night, we went over to Ross and Tamara's (and Molly's, as Laura
points out), for dessert and goodies and a good time. Laura decided
she likes the "other Hallelujah song" (it's that little ditty by
Handel... ;-) ), to which she danced for our amusement. I am impressed
by her ear for music, since she recognized the Mannheim Steamroller
version of it this morning (last night's was a classic choral
arrangement). When we got home, she cried and said "go back Ross and
Tamara's!", so I think she had a good time, as did we.

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