December 15, 2005


This morning, for the second time in about a month and a half, our
furnace inexplicably shut off. Matt went down, popped the cover off,
put it back on, and all is well. It reminded me, though, that we
hadn't had our annual free checkup this year (the summer was a little
busy!) So to be safe (we do sleep in the basement, after all), I
called Northwest Natural to schedule one.

The first available date was Jan. 25th. Hmmm. If there's something
really wrong, that's too long to wait. So, I talked to a human,
explained the issues, and they'll be out Monday (for free, unless we
need a replacement part). Hopefully it's just the cover wiggling
loose, but I hate messing with gas, and this way we'll *know*.

It seems to be the year for it, but also hopefully this is the third
and last thing of the "coming in threes" things: first the water
heater, then the brakes on the Camry (I didn't mention them, but that
was about three weeks ago; fixed now. New rear rotors and pads.), now
the furnace.

I must say, after setting that date, it occurred to me that I can come
up with at least five places nearby, without thinking hard, where we
could camp out in a pinch if we needed to shelter somewhere warm.
Thanks for being there! (and we'll call if you need to get out the
sleeping bags...)


Ty Davison said...

Hope you included our house in your list.

Ginger Ogle said...

No worries; you're one of the five! :-) (and's working fine at the moment...)