December 4, 2005

Book Blitz

We went on another of our hair-raising library raids today; they close
at 5, we arrived around 4:35, and scurried. I needed to get out of the
house (it had been a week!), and had books due, and books on hold, and
I also thought it'd be a good idea for Laura to have a fresh crop. My
idea was right, since when we got home, she upended her bag o' books
and we had to drag her away, forty minutes later, to eat dinner.

Emily took her maiden voyage in her new car seat, and did just fine.
Of course, inserting the child into the car is tougher on a different
part of the back than the infant seat was, but at least we know we're
set until it's time for a booster. She "christened" it immediately;
that's what we get for filling her up before each journey, I guess (it
was only a little, fortunately).

The only problem we have now is that, without the infant seat, we don't
have a stroller that would be remotely comfortable for her (mostly, we
just stayed home when Laura was at this stage. Now, however, it's the
holidays and that just doesn't seem likely). She's kind of heavy to
just lug around in our arms, out in the world, where there aren't handy
arm chairs all over the place. Solution: keep the infant seat in the
trunk, keep the handy wire stroller attachment for same in the trunk,
and voila! a stroller. She's grown enough that her head isn't really
*quite* safe in the infant seat in the car--that's why we upgraded--but
she still fits side-to-side, and I figure she's still safe enough to be
driven around on foot (safer, probably, than in our other strollers!)

Matt/Daddy was welcomed home this morning, and he is DONE with speech
tournaments until January. It's a good time for a break.

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