December 19, 2005

A bit better....

The laundry pile has abated a bit, though Emily did her part to add to
it today (and the feather pillow is just going to have to wait;
contrary to the labels, it IS possible--even feasible--to wash feather
pillows at home, but drying takes a while and HAS to be done right away, or mustiness develops.) I listened
to the furnace guy's report while holding a burp rag (and Emily) in
front of the wide swath of my chest she had just blurped all over. I
don't know if he noticed, and I suppose it's a sign of my status in
mom-hood that really, I don't care!

Speaking of which: the furnace cover is *not* just jiggling loose; he
said it's not very likely. On the up side, if resetting it by opening
and closing the cover works for us (if the same thing happens in the
future), he said there's no particular danger in going ahead and
running the furnace (basically, if it runs, it's safe; it's usually the
safety features that keep them from running in the first place.) He
fixed the one thing that required no parts--cleaning out something like
a flame-recognizer?--and said that was one of three things that might
have been wrong. So if it's one of the other two, it'll happen again,
and we'll probably be out some bucks to fix it. Personally, I can
handle spending money (not that I *want* to!) ; it was the worry that
we'd all die in our beds that got to me. I know it's irrational, and I
still just viscerally hate natural gas. So I feel better now, though
who knows if it's fixed...I guess time will tell.

In other news, I was called for jury duty for tomorrow, but I deferred
it (for what I think are fairly obvious reasons: not only am I a
nursing mother, but Matt's not out of school until Thursday). At least
in this county, though, there's no acknowledgment that they've gotten
your little card begging to defer, so I called today. And called. And
called. The second try on the second phone number actually got me a
person, who said the person really in charge wasn't there; they did
take a message, and the PIC did get back to me. So the secret to
finding out what day you've deferred to is to call them up and make
sure you *have* deferred; she was nice enough to let me know I'm up on
July 7th without me even asking. I can handle doing my civic duty

Since we were sort of stuck on one floor of the house today (lying in
wait for the furnace's *very* hard to hear the door when we're
in the nursery), I broke into the Play-Doh Laura got for her birthday.
She had never played with it before, and I just have to share the
lesson I was reminded of today while watching her.

I took the lid off one of the containers, got out the Doh, smooshed it
down to show her how it worked, and used one of her Play-Doh cutters to
show her how she could make a 5! Out of Doh!

I asked if she wanted to do it. "No. Mommy put back in container."
Hmm. O.K., it's your toy, babe. She then brought me each of the other
colors (there are four in this set), had me take the lid off, looked
inside, noted the color ("Lellow!"), and said, "Mommy put lid on."

She spent the rest of her time with them today stacking the containers,
arranging them neatly in a row here and there, having me remove and
replace the lids--often stopping in between to shake the contents from
side to side, and pretend "eat" from them--and repeating the colors.
Never did she remove the Play-Doh from its canisters, though I think
she poked it experimentally with a finger once or twice.

So what lesson did I learn? Well, of course there's "to each his own",
but what I was thinking of was the full enjoyment of whatever life
gives us for fun. If she ever gets around to the Doh itself, it will
just be the icing on the cake!

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