December 18, 2005

The Amazing Emily, Now Performing

Our baby's hobby is creating laundry.

She and Laura both have colds, and it looks like her next tooth is
arriving soon. Since we got and decorated our tree yesterday, I got a
little behind, and today was one of those days (both Emily and I got
extra bathing in tonight. In a word: Ick. I wish there were some way
to get the Tylenol inside the relevant part of me, so it could just be
mixed with her food. I could handle the shot! Joe? Robyn? Is this
possible?!?) So I'll get back to you when the clothes--and
bedding--and pillows--and towels--that she's polluted are all taken
care of.

I've got to admit: for someone so small, she's got amazing abilities.
I just wish she'd apply them to some other hobby.

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