December 3, 2005

1984 in 2005

An oft-heard conversation in our house:

Ginger: Let's go change the baby.
Laura: Time change Miss EM AH LEE!

[Diaper change proceeds... Approximately halfway through:]
L: Could be Nekkid BABY!
G: Yep.
L: Mommy, zorbit her!
G: You think I should zorbit her?
L: Yeah!
G: O.K.

[Diaper on, shirt off, Emily is thoroughly zorbited.]
G. Would *you* [to Laura] like some zorbits?
L. Noooooo. Mommy zorbit *her*.
G. Are you sure?
L. [slowly and clearly, as if speaking to an idiot]

For some reason, this always makes me think of the Thought Police
breaking Winston in _1984_, until he cries, "Do it to Julia! Do it to

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