November 11, 2005

Unintended Consequences

So, I've been doing this blogging thing for a few months now, and I've
noticed some interesting ways in which it's shaped my (our) lives.

First, I'm really, really BUSY. I never really noticed how much we
actually do, until I started trying to write it all down (a good case
in point is that weekend we had the novice tournament, and the
flooding, and the birthday. Are we crazy, or what?). We seldom think
of ourselves as overextended because, well, it seems like there's
always somebody (or somebodies) we know who seem to be doing even more,
and making it look easy. But maybe it's all perspective (or maybe
those go-getters secretly have stacks of dirty dishes and
less-than-beauteous bathrooms--or a cleaning service--that we just
don't know about!) Another reason we don't think of ourselves as "too
busy" (even when we're exhausted and out of time and have more to do)
is that we can't really think of anything we'd give up doing. Speech
and teaching are part of who we are, and we love being with our
children....those three things alone take up most of what we have. So
it's a happy thing to be busy, and I'm not

Second, the phrase, "Stop me if you've heard this" has taken on a whole
new meaning. Often, the stories that make it here are what's sort of
risen to the top of our minds over the course of a day or so (BTW, ask
Matt about "Puppy"--*if* Laura's not around--he wouldn't let me blog
about it, but I've heard him telling the story verbally!) So when we
see people in the flesh, we might tell the same stories, and often end
up checking to see if they've already read about them. It's not an ego
trip, honest; we just don't want to bore anyone with repetition. :-)

Third, discretion is the better part of valor, but sometimes, one just
doesn't know when to be discreet! For instance, it's occurred to me
that when we get two invitations for the same time, and have to turn
one down, if I write about where we ended up afterwards, someone's
feelings may get hurt. Clod that I am, generally I figure, oh, well,
c'est la vie. But it does force us to at least be reasonably honest
about our excuses (or keep quiet about them here. ;-) ) (Just so
everyone in the families knows, yes, we really *will* be in Hawai'i
over Christmas; Matt's owed me that trip for ten years--see ya in 2006!
[JUST KIDDING!]) There are other examples of this particular
unintended consequence, but it would be indiscreet to write about them
here. They Know Who They Are.

Fourth, I feel darned guilty when I don't appease my loyal readership.
(Fifth, I found out there IS a loyal readership! Glad I installed
those counters. You like me, you really like me! Apologies to
Sally...) If it makes you feel any better, I do feel bad when I lay
down my weary head at night, knowing you're out there, wondering what
we're up to. (On the other hand, if you can't lay down YOUR weary head
without knowing, perhaps you ought to see a professional... ;-) ).

Sixthly and finally, I like writing. I've put off doing this for a
long time, in part because I've always been afraid I wouldn't have much
to say; in the event, I find I'm actually pretty verbose, and generally
have *more* to say than I have time to write. So I'm glad to be doing


Ty Davison said...

Items 1-4: ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto. =)

Tami said...

*I* enjoy reading about your lives, it makes me feel more normal LOL whatever that means. I'd explain it if I had more than 10 seconds to type this response. ;)

Sometimes when I read something new on your blog, I think, "oh, I need to update MINE now because gosh, I've neglected the damn thing..." Heh.

Another family blog I am REALLY enjoying right now is that of an online pal of mine: Their experiences are so entertaining and again, make me feel more normal to be all caught up in the kid-life...


Tami said...

Oh, and I have to also promote Jay's wildly entertaining photoblog LOL:

I don't like the navigation, have to scroll backwards to previous pages to see other pics but the pics and captions are worth the entertainment factor alone. And I'm jonesin' for a pizza now heh heh ;)