November 26, 2005


Our "turkey day" was nice. We went up to my Aunt Barb's, and mostly
people watched Laura play and drew straws to see who could hold Emily
next (I think she made the rounds pretty well).

Laura enjoyed showing off how flexible she is (with no prompting),
which was particularly toddler-ish since she was wearing a dress: while
standing up, she can put her head behind her ankles. This is why she
wears tights! I know soon she will be at that stage I see a lot at
church; the elbows get wrapped in the skirt, then are lifted up to
flash the world.

Speaking of church, we're going this Sunday, and it's a good thing.
Laura's been saying for the last week, "Go church. Sing Allelu God."
I think she likes the music. (Particularly remarkable since she only
gets to be IN church from Communion on; but I think she's finally
enjoying the nursery, too.)

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