November 16, 2005

Silly Songs, Silly Singers

One of the cute things Laura has been doing lately is starting to sing.
She still doesn't hit a lot of the notes she's trying to aim for,
though she's got the basic idea of when she's supposed to go high, when

We are a house of silly songs, and sillier singers. For instance, one
of our not-so-dark secrets is that we've cannibalized the '80's
standard "Ebony and Ivory", by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. I
figured out shortly after Emily was born that "Emily and Laura-B."
scans perfectly in the place of the title words, and by changing just a
few little words here and there, we have a lovely family song:

"Emily and Laura-B.
live together in perfect harmony
side-by-side near my piano keyboard
Oh, Lord, why don't we...

We all know
that babies are the same where ever you go"

Etc. Laura's learned most of the words, though she leaves one out (or
part of one out) here and there. Of course, she's a toddler, so her
emphasis is pretty funny, and she enjoys repeating things with even
stronger emphasis sometimes. So we hear from the crib before naps: "We
all Know BABIES are Same WHERE EVER GO!!"

She's also working on "Amazing Grace", and trying to master the tune
for "Hey, Jude" (which she calls the la-la-la song). Just like the
rest of us, even songs she's not that fond of sink into her
consciousness; the last few days, we've been doing a lot of Beatles,
and there's one song for which she always says "New SONG!" when she
hears it. But, sure enough, today before her nap, I heard, "Ob-La-Di,
Ob-La-Da, La la la".

That happened shortly before she started addressing, I'm guessing here,
her crib toys, and saying: "Let's take a nap now, o.k.? Let's
allllllll take a nap now."

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