November 3, 2005

Plumbing done

Had a very positive experience with "A-1 Plumbing". It's a one-man outfit (though he says his wife is coming onboard soon), and that one guy did a good job. Initially, he was afraid we might have to replace the water heater (tho' he was not looking forward to it, I signed off on the estimate). It turned out to be the lower element that was dead; it's now fixed, and he urged us to call again if it acts up, since our symptoms were somewhat unusual for that being the problem. On the other hand, he pretty much had to drain the whole thing to do that much, so any sediment is gone now, too. Glad to have saved the extra $500-600 a whole new heater would have cost us.

He also cleared out a few drains, most notably the basement floor drain I've mentioned before. This is sort of funny; we knew for certain our house had had kids living in it when we were cleaning before moving in, and found crayons in the cold air returns for the furnace. The main reason that drain wasn't working was:

It had a "binky" in it.


Tami said...

Aaaaaaaahahahaaa! Both Wrenna and Noah were *such* stinky addicts...your post made me wonder where all we've left them over the years. And back to the biiiig boobies again, I will admit to at least one episode of having completely lost one under either my left or right, only to be discovered later. When the baby had finished nursing for that session, and needed the stink, WHERE the frack had I put the blessed thing?!

Speaking of thankfulness, thank goodness we *finally* broke the stinky habit across the board here, once and for all, just about a year ago. Hmmm....yes, just in time for Miss Wrenna Mae's fifth birthday. **rolls eyes**

Stinkies are pure evil and nothing but.

Ginger Ogle said...

Maybe it *was* one of yours...though I think it's more likely it was here before we were.

I know where all ours are: in a cupboard in the nursery, languishing and unused. Neither of the girls took to them much; they think Mommy is the best pacifier. Does that get me MBF status? ;-)