November 22, 2005

Minor Reflections

Lately I've really been noticing the things Laura does to emulate both
of us (especially me, since I'm around all the time.) Full disclosure:
in addition to the cute things I'm about to mention, she does, of
course, sometimes scream "NO!" at her dollies. But not very often,
which I guess is fairly true to life.

She takes good care of her little friends, including the smallest--her
little plastic Mega-Blocks characters--and the largest--a giant Pooh
Bear, recumbent. She often picks them up, soothes them, tells them,
"It's ooooooooookay", holds them gently on her shoulder, closes her
eyes, and sways with them as she stands. Occasionally while doing
this, she looks at me with a slightly disdainful expression; I'm
guessing this is how I look when I'm wearing my silent, "Please don't
wake the baby! She's been fussing!" look.

Of course, she tries to feed them, too, and what's especially funny
about that is that she has trouble holding up her shirt at the same
time as she's holding them to her chest. She hasn't figured out that
it's a lot easier if you're sitting down! Of course, after, they must
be burped. Then fed again. She tends to narrate this part, though not
the part when she's soothing them down to sleep.

Since she's hit the language explosion age, she's become quite the
little parrot, and I hear some of my phrases coming back to me often.
With books: "Let's see!" To requests: "Just a sec-ant." Before
dinner: "Hot 'tuff, comin' through!" And, my favorite, to Fiona cat:
"She's a baaaad kitty!"

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