November 1, 2005

Love Notes

It's November, and a good time to practice thankfulness. Some musings
for posterity:

I love watching Laura make Emily smile ("ah GOO, baby!"). I know I
shouldn't admit it, but I often just plain love watching Laura; she's a
beauty, when she's not upset. I love how when she wants a hug she
abandons herself completely to it, and just goes limp in our arms.

I love how Emily smiles at me even when she's eating. I love how her
whole face lights up when she makes eye contact, and the smile goes the
whole way down to her toes as she wriggles in delight (I know it
wouldn't be "cool", but wouldn't it be great if we still did that as

I love reading "Madeline" with Laura; she's into memorizing, now, so
every other page I have some help. She especially loves:
G. To the tiger in the zoo...
L. MADELINE [just says] POOH-POOH!!!
That cracks us up every time. Some nights, we need the laugh!

I love how she babbles herself to sleep now. (and for those of you who
thought--or, more obnoxiously, *said*--she'd never go to sleep on her
own, since we followed our own choice of expert's advice and let her
sleep with us and rocked her a lot, I have one thing to say, in a
mature, teacherly voice: Neener-neener-neener.) Yesterday while
winding down to her nap, I heard this over the monitor:
"Lawabee take nap. Take nap. OK. OK. OK. Ohhhhhhh kay." (etc.) Today
I heard, in the same calm, sing-songy voice: "Lay down, now. Lay down.
Lawabee laaaaaay down."

I love the sound of Emily's laugh. Laura laughs like Matt; Emily
laughs like me. I love all her coos and burbles and squEALS! of

That'll do for tonight.

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