November 3, 2005

A little more good news

Matt got home in time to fix the most egregious of the two rear downspouts (there's nothing wrong, really, with the one off of the garage, except that it's close to a big maple tree that drops stuff on and around it.) The one with the leaky hinge area is now fixed up, and since it poured for a bit tonight, I think I can say with a little confidence (and crossed fingers) that it's made a huge difference: now that the drain is all ready for it, we didn't get any water in the basement from that downpour.


Also, this afternoon the city sent one of its monster vacuum trucks out to visit our storm drains in the street. Judging by the sounds when they got to the troublesome one (a bit like vacuuming over several coins and some dogfood, but on a much, much deeper and louder scale!), they hit pay dirt. Guess I'll have to wait for the next time State Street floods, and if our street doesn't, I'll know the problem's fixed.

So, I'm not stupid enough to say "Bring 'em on!" to the storms, but I do feel that the house is much better prepared for them, and that always makes me feel more secure.

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