November 15, 2005

Laura's Birthday #2, Part 2

We didn't *mean* to create a whole festival out of the one little
birthday; it just worked out that way. Her actual birthday weekend was
a little too crowded to get the family together, but we didn't want to
deprive both families of a chance to celebrate, so we had 'em over
Sunday. It was a lot of fun: cake, ice cream, and oh, yes, presents!
Laura enjoyed everything she saw, including "two grandmas!" and playing
with her little cousins (one first, one once removed).

Of course, one party does not a festival make. But we went over to
Earl and Rebekah's Thursday night for a joint birthday celebration for
Earl and Laura. So she had another cake there (although she was having
a bad attack of two-ness, and decided not to actually eat any of it, we
did get the obligatory photos.) An embarrassing aside (not for me, of
course ;-) ): at one point, Earl pointed out how far Matt had come.
At one point, he (Matt) was quite a little bit squeamish about changing
diapers, but he's obviously gotten over it: Earl noticed him "Sniffing
my daughter's behind, just like a dog!" in search of a diaper in need
of service. Ah, parenthood....

One day when I have more time, I'll write about the books Laura's into;
she received several great ones, but I want to give you links to 'em,
and the html will take me a while. Yesterday and today were spent
trying to get caught up on dishes and a veritable mountain of laundry
(washed, but not folded) to get me set up for Matt being gone this

Meantime, Emily was complacent about getting her shots, as I noted, but
she also had some really spectacular bruises by the next day, poor
thing, and complained LOUDLY about them being jostled. That (bruising)
was a new one on me, but they're pretty much gone now, so it's just
something to file away to ask about/be prepared for next time.

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