November 26, 2005

Japanese Drug

The Japanese are taking over the world. I'd say it was revenge for the
Opium wars, but those were mostly in China.

In our house, this takeover comes in the form of Su-Do-Ku puzzles, to
which we have both rapidly become addicted. How rapidly? Well, I
started doing them when the Oregonian started printing them, just to
see if I liked them. Now I do them even before the crossword (which is
saying something, since I'm a Word Person and these just involve

Turns out Matt's been watching me do them and wanted to try them, so on
Thanksgiving, I made the Supreme Sacrifice and let him do the puzzle.
By today, he was making a little grid and copying the puzzle onto it so
we could BOTH do it (which we did.)

While it's not like we *needed* something else to occupy our time, at
least they say puzzles can help stave off degenerating brain diseases.
And Laura looks at the puzzles and starts counting from one (ending not
with ten, but with the number after: "Goodjob!")

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