November 6, 2005

Happy Two

Laura's birthday was fairly quiet. "Mah!" came over for a while to
play, and we had one of Laura's favorite foods (multi-color rotini with
parmesan and herbs) for dinner. She learned to say "Two years old",
though won't *just* because somebody asks her. She also really, really
likes the Birthday Song: "Mommy sing Happy Birthday to you Lawabee!"

Saturday was Matt's debate tournament; all went well. His brother
Steve and his wife, Bryna, dropped by to see what it looked like.
Apparently they got to watch a round of Public Debate and see a little
of how the tab room works, and were very interested.

Amazingly enough, the girls were both really fun to be around on
Saturday, so we got an unusual amount of stuff done even without Daddy.
One of the most notable things was the laundry, though part of that
was necessary; Emily has The Current Cold and is quite spit-uppy as a
result. I swear the same outfit got washed three times yesterday! I
willingly made the burden heavier because it was time to get out a new
size of clothes for Emily. In looking at pictures, she's on about the
same size schedule that Laura was, but where Laura popped seams from
port to starboard, Emily is stretching them from stem to stern. Maybe
she'll play basketball?

Anyway, we got out the clothes (Laura "helped"), reorganized the
nursery drawers--I did Laura's, too, since we were right there--got the
laundry plus "new" stuff washed, and even did some of Matt's daily
chores. (I refuse to memorialize the changing of the cat box...but it
is a sign of a good day when I manage to be the one to do it.)

I also finished the latest Wiley book this weekend; I'll get my review
to you ASAP.

Today we went to an open house gathering for some buddies (two
brothers, plus their families and their mom) of Matt's. They were in
scouting and high school together, and he very much enjoyed renewing
the connection. I did, too; they're really nice folks, running heavily
towards teachers. The moms tended to congregate around the smallest
children--some things never change!--and in spite of my inherent
shyness, we talked a bit. Laura enjoyed herself immensely, too, since
there were four or so other preschoolers there, happy to play Chase and
just generally run around. Emily got to hang out with Grandma, since
Bill was the Scoutmaster for a while and he and Pat know the family,
too. (As a side effect of that last, I know what Laura's getting for
birthday and Christmas. But I ain't talkin'!)

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